New Territory

When you take on a project, you always hope it will be successful. Back in November, or perhaps before, when I was asked to work on and design the new All Time Low album "Future Hearts", I said YES assuming it would be another great record and it would get kids excite and happy. Most records I work on are like this.  They do well for what they are.  

This go-around with the Future Hearts record, the band, label and management busted their humps to promote and work this record hard before it's launch. That work paid off. Future Hearts was the #1 album in the WORLD, on the week of April 3, 2015! This is something you hope for, but never expect. Now I get one of those sweet record plaques! That's one of my life's to-do list items, crossed off. 

Target End cap

Target End cap

Oh Hey Look...someone ripping me off

This happens every now and then. Someone ape's a design or a vibe or an overall look that is clearly taken from somewhere else. Most times it's a nod to the work. Other times it is a "look-a-like" redesigned within an inch of the old one. Then there are these dirtbags. My buddy Roy and I did this poster below for the REFUSED/Off show in 2012. 


Then a few friends online stated sending me this poster for a show in metro Chicago.


Notice anything similar? Yep. Full RIP. It sort of hurts. It sort of makes me angry, but mostly lets me know it was a badass design. To the person who did this: suck a bag of copier toner.

All Time Low UK posters

Screenshot 2015-03-08 19.05.08.png

It is great to see a band you work with want to keep working with you on non-album artwork type projects. Give it up to All Time Low for playing Wembley Arena.

Lately thinking this needs to be a poster...

"Don't make 'perfect' the enemy of 'good'."

I feel this could be something a creative type could live by, get tattooed on his neck, or have made into a poster. Or all three.